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Concept Artist, Animator, Toddler Mama

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My work on iOS games, browser games, and animations.

Just for fun, social media trends, fanart and more!

Graphic Design for Merchandise: Apparel and Hardlines

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Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Krista Staggs, known as Kuitsuku across the internet.

I'm a concept artist living in Sanford Florida with my husband, rowdy toddler and two cats.


As an artist I've been featured in Teefury, Kotaku, and LootCrate, and worked with many large brands such as Neopets, American Red Cross, and Walmart.

Now-a-days I'm an Art Director developing graphics for merchandise in retail and theme parks across the US.

My long-term goals are to collaborate with more brands and work primarily with games and other social platforms creating eye-catching content and fun animations.

I'm also very passionate about Halloween, wearing colorful outfits and petting all the animals.

thank you for working with me!


Currently Closed, Thank you for your support!


Available to work!


I'm active on social media, contact me to collaborate on brands, music, art, etc!


Feel free to ask me anything!

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Art created by artist Krista Staggs, aka Kuitsuku. Art may be subject to copyright.