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krista staggs

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E-mail me for access to my current projects and private art gallery.


Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Krista Staggs, known as Kuitsuku across the internet.

I'm a concept artist living in Sanford Florida with my husband, rowdy toddler and two cats.

I'm well known for my old website, Suta-Raito, which introduced me to the world of fanart back in the early 2000's. My art went viral before it was even a thing, and I had the opportunity to draw alongside many talented artists before taking a long break to focus on college, then my career and family.

My second claim to fame was my Pokemon/Disney crossovers, showcasing Princesses and their Pokemon sidekicks.


I've been featured in Teefury, Kotaku, and LootCrate, and worked with many large brands such as Neopets, American Red Cross, and Walmart.

Now-a-days I develop graphics for merchandise in retail and theme parks across the US.

My long-term goals are to collaborate with more brands and work primarily with games and other social platforms creating eye-catching content and fun animations.

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